Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June Project Update!

With less than one week left in The Death Of production, things are both winding down and speeding up for our short film, web series, and all other projects. The summer continues to be a busy one for everything HTTProduction, and we've got updates on all of it plus a new production diary in our newest Project Update!

Production on The Death Of has been running for a little over two weeks now, though we haven't worked everyday those two weeks (too much to do!). We've had five days of production so far and have completed two shorts with half of two more and a scene from a third. Two more shorts will be finished in the next few days, leaving the sixth and final. After this weekend, post-production goes full steam ahead as we cut clips, compile score, mix audio, and try to do the best we can with our limited knowledge of color and lighting. Everything proves itself to be a learning experience and we inch closer and closer to completing our first short film. But why type about it when I can just show you a video with cool Garageband music on it? Check it out!

Things are looking great, and as promised we'll have a short trailer of sorts to show off this week, so check back soon! In addition to Death Of, we also have one other major project that is taking up the bulk of our time. This fall will premiere a brand new weekly web series, the planning of which has taken many an hour for many a day the past week, with much more on the horizon. The logline: two best friends go through all the awkward situations that make life interesting. The setup: five-minute weekly episodes to run throughout the fall. We've mapped out the entire first season along with a, if I may say so, hilarious cast of characters (though we still have to cast said cast), and are preparing to start writing the pilot.

It's going to be great, with production scheduled for late-July/early August. I'm excited about everything we have going on right now. While the short film and web series are the major video products this summer, we've already started thinking about how we want to market ourselves over the coming year. Hint: in awesome ways. HTTProduction isn't just about film, be it talking or making. We, as college students, aspire to spend our lives producing entertainment in all its mediums, and that's what this is about. Sometimes it feels like I'm more busy with HTTP projects during this summer then I was with school during the semester. Maybe that's a good thing, bad thing...I haven't decided yet. I do know that I'm loving everything we're working on and can't wait to start releasing more content to everyone that isn't just words. More is coming. For now, keep checking the blog Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (with Sunday reviews!), and as always:


  1. "limited knowledge of lighting..." to say the least