Tuesday, June 14, 2011

House, Season 3

-Contains spoilers for season 3 of house and minor spoilers for season 7!-

When I think of House, season three, I think of one character: Michael Tritter. Tritter is a huge pain in the ass for about six episodes, constantly going out of his way to make life terrible for House. Granted, he has a reason; (House treats him as a clinic patient, and leaves a rectal thermometer up his ass for upwards of two hours). Tritter freezes Wilson’s bank accounts on suspicion of writing false prescriptions (House had actually stolen Wilson’s pad), and threatened to send him to jail for fraud if he didn’t rat out House. Wilson refused, and Tritter went after House through the rest of his employees. When none of them would budge, he took House to court for it. Cuddy falsified records to show House as innocent of the charges Tritter had brought against him, and he went free. The reason I love this story arc is because of the clear message it sends about Greg House: he always gets what he wants. That is a powerful and clear message for the coming seasons, and it sets up a fantastic heartbreak in season 7.

However, however however! This isn’t the most interesting thing about this season. During the middle of season 3, Foreman makes a choice about a patient that drives him to think that he is becoming like House, and as a result decides to pack up and leave the team. This seems like a common dramatic writer cliché; man says he’s going to leave, then is convinced to stay. Happens in the movies all the time. Fortunately for us, this isn’t the case. Even better, though, is that Chase is fired by House after Chase confronts House about trying to placate Foreman in order to keep him around. Chase goes to House’s office later, and House fires him on the spot. He refuses to reverse his decision, and Chase leaves. Foreman then leaves, even after House basically begs him to stay. This leaves House with only Cameron as his team member, but she resigns as well, and goes to begin a relationship with Chase, which is kind of a surprise, due to their past together. House is then left without a team for the upcoming season 4, which, depending on who you asked, saved or destroyed the show. Personally- well, we’ll wait for that next time.

Basically, Season Three is not as good as Season Two, but is definitely not a filler season. It has its ups and downs, and even the downs aren’t rock bottom. Season Three pushed House to the edge, and left him standing there alone. Would House jump?

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