Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Project Update!

Summer is running full speed ahead and so are HTTP's summer projects! In addition to the constant stream of opinions and reviews we've been putting on this blog lately, we're also prepping the transition into production of The Death Of as well as brainstorming several other short films. We're staying busy all the time and don't have a single complaint, so let me take a moment to update everyone on what we're doing.

Reviews of new releases is a new blog feature we started this summer and has proved very fruitful. Not only does it give us something else to do with those midnight tickets, but it's fun turning our post-premiere conversations into writing. We'll keep doing this through August and then sporadically during the school year. We have no intentions of the blog dying out, though. In fact, we're preparing to apply for membership to LAMB: the Large Association of Movie Blogs. More contests, specials, reader base, all sorts of stuff. It'll be awesome, so stay tuned for news on that.

The Death Of is at full force right now. Made up of six short films based on the title prompt, which is awesome for our first full film production. All six scripts have been drafted and edited, and five of the six have been locked for shooting. The one remaining is a great script but heavy on dialogue, so it's taking a little longer to work through flow. To give an example of the work we're putting into just the scripts, though, three of us recently spent a good forty-five minutes discussing a single line of dialogue, and another half hour discussing the inflection with which we thought another line should be delivered. It's intense stuff, but really awesome. We're all very excited to move forward with the project and eventually show it off.

Casting and location scouting is underway now, with only a few more select roles remaining to be cast. Production starts next weekend and runs through the first weekend of July. We'll be posting video logs throughout, including our first one below: featuring a look into our writer tables as we hammered through script drafts to make things make sense and get something we all love. Sometimes it was rough (spending two hours on ten pages of type stretches anyone's patience), but we always came through in the end. It's going to rock.

In addition to The Death Of, there are also several other projects we're working on, though it's obvious what is taking up the most of our time right now. One of our collaborators shot a short dramatic scene for practice that we might show off after cutting it together (we're making no promises). We're also working on the script for another short to shoot in July, just for fun. We've also taken the first steps towards putting together a simple game that we hope to one day release online. Finally, in what is one of our more exciting proposals and next big project, we are planning on putting together a web series to run throughout the Fall while we're busy with school. We'll be drafting outlines in the coming weeks followed by shooting in late-July and August.

Needless to say, those of us at HTTP are out of school through mid-August but are busier than ever with all of our media projects. From The Death Of to games to a web series, and, as always, the blog, every day brings something for HTTP to work on, and we're loving it. Make sure to keep checking back for updates, and more importantly like our Facebook page and gets your friends to like it as well. That's where we'll start hosting updates, polls, and more. We're spreading the news as best we can, but we need the help of our readers, so comment with thoughts. In the mean time, stay on the look out for some of the first products of Holier Than Thou Productions.

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