Thursday, June 30, 2011

Top Five Denzel Washington Characters

Number Five. Eli, Book of Eli.

One of Denzel Washington weakest characters but still good in some ways is Eli, in Book of Eli. Playing a post-apocalyptic nomad, he really brings action back to such epic tales. The twist ending was cool and plays a little on what the overall point of the movie was but in the end no one really cares about what the book is or what's up with Eli, because its Denzel Washington shooting and stabbing people out in the desert. How cool is that?

 Number Four. Coach Herman Boone, Remember the Titans.

Second from last is one of Denzel Washington more social reflecting roles. Playing a black football coach at a just integrated high school is a tough role to play but of course, he master it. We fell in love with his character as soon as he came on the screen. We felt all of the emotions he was going through because that is what a great actor does. He makes you feel what he is feeling. One of his best roles.

Number Three. Creasy, Man on Fire.

At number three is Creasy from Man on Fire. Denzel Washington plays a bodyguard for Pita, ( played by Dakota Fanning), who, after she is kidnapped in Mexico City, uses whatever means necessary to track down whoever took her and get her back. The reason that this is his third best role is because he really shows the audience that he can play duel roles within one character. At first he is uncaring, due to his past, by when he begins to work for Pita she brings out his caring side. And because of this new found sense of caring when she is taken anger flows through him. Only a few people can make that change as well as he does in this movie.

Number Two. Frank Lucas, American Gangster.

Coming in at number two is the crime and drug lord Frank Lucas in American Gangster. In the same spirit as Training Day, American Gangster once again allows Denzel Washington to play with the moral comprise of the audience. As the audience you know that he is playing a character that is criminal, who breaks the law by selling drugs and murdering people. But because its Denzel Washington you don't care. There is something about him that won't allow you to hate him or think that what he is doing is wrong. Denzel Washington could play a coked out rapist, and we would still love him.

Number One. Det. Alonzo Harris, Training Day.

The best Denzel Washington character of all time has to be Det. Alonzo Harris from Training Day. Denzel Washington plays this character so well that not until the very end do you realize that this character is the antagonist of the story. If any other person had played this role I don't believe that the twist at the end, which really is not that much of a twist at all, would ever of work because you would of hated the character way before that time. This is indeed his best role ever because of how he can make the audience believe that he is doing something the right way when in fact he is not. King Kong ain't got shit on Denzel Washington!


  1. How about the top 5 Sam Jackson movies?
    In no particular order: Pulp Fiction - Essential Jackson
    The Phantom Menace- Jackson as a Jedi, enough said.
    A Time To Kill - this film includes one of the best non Pulp Fiction, Jackson quotes.
    Snakes on a Plane- proof that Jackson can improve any flick.
    Coach Carter - Jackson inspiring others without using violence.
    Honorable Mention - Long Kiss Goodnight, one my favorites and a very underrated flick.
    Honorable Mention- "Sam Jackson Beer commercial", Dave Chapelle parodies Sam Jackson in this Chapelle Show skit. Such a good parody, Jackson gets credit for being imitated.

  2. Nice list. I haven't seen all of them but I definitely agree with the half I have. Especially Phantom Menace. Can't beat Mace Windu. You should check out the new Audible book, "Go the F**k To Sleep," narrated by Sam Jackson. It's awesome.