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Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

In this special review, three of the group that went to see the final Potter film in beautiful IMAX 3D have put together short reviews of how they feel the film summed up the conclusion to what is arguably the saga of our childhood, like Star Wars was to our parents. Check it out, and comment with what you thought of the film, because there are plenty of opinions out there!

Seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 was a great experience. The movie thoroughly lived up to the hype, and I am supremely satisfied with every part of this film. I’ll miss this series, as it opened me up to the world of fiction. Its my Catch-22 or Frankenstein. High praise? Yes. Over the top? No, I don’t think so.

Good luck, JK Rowling. Thanks for the memories.

-Hunter Bishop


With the epic Harry Potter franchise coming to a close, I approached the final movie with high expectations. I have been a tough critic of the movies. As a die-hard fan of the books, it was difficult for me to let go of every minor detail that made the books breathe life and simply enjoy a wonderful, well crafted movie. Over the years, there have been hits—as well as major misses in the movies. However, I am happy to say that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 comes in at a solid 8 ½ out of 10 in my book.


Overall, this last movie was a wonderful conclusion to the Harry Potter movies. Some complain that it is far too short, therefore not doing the movie series justice by robbing it of a proper ending. However, those same complaints were raised when the last book came out. I understand—this series is magical, special. It is difficult to see it finally come to an end. No length would be completely satisfying. With the precious moments I did get with Harry Potter, I was happy. Like saying a bittersweet goodbye to a dear friend, I cheered as Harry found the final pieces to the Horucrux puzzle and finally showed that love triumphs ultimately over evil. Supporting characters, notably my guilty pleasures Neville and Luna, received great screen time—something lacking in part one of the finale.

I have heard several rumblings about the lack of footage in Snape’s final memory, many claiming that it was too short, and did not do justice to the wonderful chapter in the final book. My take: it was wonderfully crafted, considering how little necessary background information was established in previous movies. Alan Rickman deserves an Oscar for his heart wrenching performance as the double agent who loved a woman who never loved him back—forced to protect the son of that woman and the man who made life utterly miserable for him. Yes, the scene could have been longer, but considering vital footage was left out of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix—the fifth installment in the Harry Potter movies—I was tearfully satisfied with the final result.

As far as what I did not enjoy about the film, the only part that stands out is a moment during the final battle. It is the moment when Harry grabs on to Voldemort’s neck and utters the line, “Let’s finish this where we started it—together.” The following flying scene made no sense. It was pointless, and frankly, boring. The final battle was climatic enough without the added awkward flying scene. Bottom line: completely unnecessary.

Overall, I am happy to say goodbye to the boy I have spent a good part of my childhood growing up with. While bittersweet, I bid adieu to a well loved character, with a final fanfare worthy of a true Gryffindor. Mischief Managed.

-Ashley Thompson


We had quite a heated discussion about Deathly Hallows after seeing the midnight premiere, as was expected. What wasn't expected was that our group was firmly split down the middle of those who liked the movie and those that completely hated it, both for valid reasons. I will say this, as another pointed out: the fact that the final Harry Potter film (hopefully) ever, as well as the first "Part 2" film, is under two hours long, yes, that's right, is insulting as a moviegoer. As someone who pays over $10 for a ticket, even more in IMAX 3D, I expect at least two hours of awesome entertainment, especially when there's a huge wizard battle involved. This is where my struggle with Potter comes from.

Everything that was in the movie, everything I saw on screen, rocked. The battle sequences were awesome. Gringotts was short but given the time it needed to get back to Hogwarts. All of the actors, from McGonnagal to Snape to particularly Longbottom did a great job. There was moments of humor that worked perfectly, and the Prince's Tale (for those who haven't read the novels) did what it needed to do to make Snape the greatest character of the saga. I particularly enjoyed the extended battle they give Harry and Voldemort, stretching it throughout the castle and giving us some great wand battles before it all ends.

I have nothing to complain about what was there, but I also cannot defend the complaints about what wasn't there. The Prince's Tale, I think, does what it needs to do, but it also easily could've been a few minutes longer and done a much better job of it. It also would've been awesome to see more Battle of Hogswarts. While there were a couple of great sequences, obviously most of the time was spent on Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Throw in an extra two, three minutes of just battling and things would be way cooler. There are bits of everything in the final cut, but not quiet enough of some things. I, of most people in our Group, am a defender of things having to be cut due to time constraints, but I cannot defend something that, without credits, does not even hit two hours. Anyone in the world will happily stay an extra ten minutes if it adds more to some of the most important scenes out of the entire series.

I'm happy with Deathly Hallows Part 2, I am. Is it perfect? No, but it's unfair to expect it to be. "Things could have been done better" is something said for all eight of the films, so my opinion is that it's more productive and enjoyable if you focus on what's there rather then what isn't. What's there is awesomeness, and an epic and fitting end to the Potter saga.

Oh, and The Dark Knight Rises trailer attached is equally awesome, though also available online.

-Hunter Furnish

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