Saturday, July 30, 2011

An Escape from Reality

There is nothing better than sitting down and reading a good book or watching an awesome movie. The environment slips away and no longer are you in your bed room or at a movie theatre, instead you are at Hogwarts with Harry and the gang or on Pandora with Jake Sully and the Navi. Movies provide (in my opinion) the strongest out of body experience you can have without the help of illegal drugs or a near death experience. Books give you a similar out of body experience but it isn’t as strong. I use the phrase out of body because while your body may be reading a book or sitting in a theatre, your mind is off in an adventure; providing an escape from the harshness of reality. You simply drive down to the local cinema, pay your ticket fee, and for the next two hours all your problems are forgotten as you watch whatever ‘cinematic adventure’ (to quote Dane Cook) you've chosen.
Now throughout my career as a film critic, I've seen many different movies with many different people. Like I said earlier movies provide a way to escape our normal lives and live an adventurous, dangerous, or even romance filled life for a short while. However I’ve noticed different people enjoy movies differently, which really should be no surprise to anyone. I have listed below four different kinds of movie goers.

The Monk
Characteristics: This person must have complete silence and concentration when watching a film. The slightest noise or conversation can break them of the trace the movie had on them.
Example: This is the kind of movie goer I am. I couldn’t tell you know many times I’ve started a fight because while watching a movie with the family somebody answered their phone or started talking. The number is just too high. The most recent experience I can share happen when I was watching Transformers 3. A little over halfway through I got a text message. The vibration knocked me out of the trance I was in. Before all I could see was the action going on, as if I was watching from the camera man’s point of view, but now suddenly I could see the backs of people's head’s, chairs, exits doors, and all sorts of things I normally would block out. Even more recently I was wat

ching Winnie the Pooh, and I was never able to get into the trance due to my cousin’s constant talking. I still enjoyed-no loved- the movie, but the surroundings never faded away, I was constantly reminded of the fact I was watching a movie.

The busy body
Characteristics: This person must be doing something at all times during the movie; whether it be texting, providing commentary, or even putting together a puzzle. These people can also be classified as The Loudmouths, but not all Busy Bodies are Loud Mouths. People like this have to have secondary activities going on besides the movie to enjoy the movie. (These secondary activities get worse when watching a movie at home.)
Example: Once my girlfriend invited me over to watch a movie. About five minutes into the movie she pulls out a 3D puzzle of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We do the puzzle, but I didn’t watch the movie-I couldn’t the puzzle had my attention. I couldn’t tell you a single thing that happened, yet she could explain the entire movie in great detail.
The intermediate
Characteristics: This is probably what the average movie goer would classify as, someone who wants to concentrate on the movie, but is not above talking or texting throughout. They are fine with conversations but only if they are their own, other people having conversations will not be tolerated.
Example: My mother and sister. I wasn’t going to have an intermediate type until I thought of them. The characteristics are based on them.
The sleeper
Characteristics: This person pays to see or rent a movie and then falls asleep during it. Usually once they awaken they will blame the movie for being too boring. I find that these people usually have one or two main reasons for falling asleep: 1) they didn’t want to see the movie, someone dragged them along. 2) They are tired, and are just renting the theatre as a place to sleep for two hours or so. 3) The movie just didn’t keep their attention.
Example: This is how my father is in movies (option one usually.) When he really wants to go see a movie he’ll be wide awake. In my opinion, the best way to turn a sleeper into an intermediate is to take him to movies he actually wants to see. Now this isn’t fool proof, I can’t even begin to describe how much my dad loves The breakfast Club, Christmas Vacation, and Four Brothers, watching them any time they appear on TV no matter how far in. yet he will still fall asleep about an hour in, never fails.
No matter what kind of movie goer you are, everyone wants to enjoy the movie, be considerate. That’s all anyone expects of you, to be civil (and to leave the laser pointer at the house.)

-Adam Lowry

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