Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It Is Finally Over.

It is over. Finally after all of these long years of watching bits and pieces of my favorite parts of childhood be butcher before my very eyes it has ended. And it was bad. I knew it was going to be bad. Even after they told me that because they made a whole second movie for it it was going to be good but that was just a slap in my face. Two hours. Two bloody hours of crap. And of course it will make millions upon millions of dollars off of it. Everyone has to see how it all ends. Well the smart ones already knew how it ended like two years ago. It was a waste of time and money, like they all were.

The only reason that I went to see it was to boast my own ego. I wish I had put some money on just how bad it was going to be. Too bad. But really what does this all matter? It's just some lame movie that. Well yes it is just some lame movie, actually I would not even call it a movie its that bad, but it does matter. Part two has already made 35 million dollars in pre-orders alone.

This type of movie making is going to be a hit. If movie makers can make double the movie off of one story than why would they not do it. But were is the line? Part two was only two hours long, the shortest in the series, but it still cost 15.50 to see it in IMAX 3D. How long is part two going to be for Breaking Dawn, or the Hobbit? The idea of making a story longer by having two or three parts is cool but when I am paying the same price for the first part that is 2 hours and 30mins and the second part is only like 15 mins. there is a problem there.

Hopefully this was all a wake up call in how Prole the movie making industry is really getting. Hopefully people will stop paying for movies that are only made to make money. Where did the story go? Where did the groundbreaking aspects of film go? Why do people still pay for this crap? But back on to Potter. Yea the whole series suck and this finally one sucked as well. Now I am a Potter purest, I love the books and hate just about everything about those 4th grade summaries people pay money to go see.

As a Potter purest I hate them because they could not hold a candle to the books as a story. Which I know that movies are never as good as the book, I understand that but still that's what I believe in. But not only as a Potter purest do I hate them but just as a movie watcher I hate them. As movies by themselves they are horrible. The acting is bad, minus a few good actors in a few scenes, the lighting is crappy, they try there best to have a dark mood but then they make all of these crappy little jokes they pull you out of it. They rush dialog, they bring up things that they did not talk about in any of the last ones. The feel is not there. I have no clue how anyone could like these movies.

But I am fine with it all because I know that in 30 years they are going to be remaking them. Can't wait til then.

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