Wednesday, July 6, 2011

House, Season 4

House, Season 4 really changes the tone of the show. Before, it was much more House centric, but with the departure of Cameron, Chase and Foreman, it begins to focus more on the people around House. Well, after the first few episodes, anyways. House is left without a team (obviously) and refuses to hire a new one. House says its because he can do just fine without a team, though its implied that the emotional backlash of being wholly rejected as a person hurt his feelings a bit, to say the least.
-Spoilers for Season 4 of House after the break!-

Anyways, House is finally forced to hire a team, and, to make it more interesting, turns it into a game show type thing. House has quite a few contestants working for his approval, and fires random groups of people for no reason at all, just to prove that he is in complete control. In this period of time, Foreman comes back and takes his old job back on the team, due to no one wanting to touch ‘House Lite’. The contestants are unremarkable for the most part; the main cast that was to be didn’t stand out from the crowd as much as you would suspect. In fact, I would say that the ones that did stand out were eliminated much quicker.

Eventually, it came down to Taub, Thirteen, Kutner, and Volakis. Volakis was eliminated, as was Thirteen, and Taub and Kutner are hired. Cuddy refuses to accept an all male team, and forces House to hire Thirteen, but allows him to keep Taub and Kutner. House is pleased at this news, as it was his plan all along. Amber Volakis leaves, and it seems as if House finally has his team. They go through the usual House shit; ridiculous cases, alternately bonding and hating each other, and pretty deep and thorough character development. It’s revealed that Wilson began dating Volakis sometime after she was fired by House, and their relationship is explored, implying an opportunity for Wilson to finally succeed in a relationship.

In the penultimate episode, House wakes up in the hospital after having been in a massive bus accident, and has no memory of the night before. While House attempts to remember what happened, as he does remember seeing “someone who is about to die” , the team works on reasoning behind the crash. House eventually comes around to the fact that Amber was the one who was injured in the crash that he saw, and they find her in a different hospital.

In the season finale, the team rushes to find out what happened to Amber, and the details behind her being with House on the bus are revealed: He was drunk, he called Wilson, and she came instead. He refused to take a car, and she followed him onto the bus. Amber continues to waste away, and in an act of desperation, Wilson stimulates House’s brain with electricity, causing him to remember that Amber took heavy flu pills, which contained a chemical that banded with the proteins in her blood after her kidneys shut down, causing her to slowly die. House falls into a coma after the electrical stimulation, and Amber dies shortly after. Wilson find a note at his house from Amber, saying she went to pick up House, causing him to break into tears. House lies in the hospital bed, with Cuddy holding his hand.

Now, the reason I didn’t really offer much of my opinion on this season is because the description of the last two episodes were more important that any sort of discourse about them. They’re something that needs to be interpreted without the assistance of a hack writer, to say the least.

So, I leave you with that, in the hope that you watch those episodes. Hell, why’ll you’re at it, might as well watch the whole season, eh?

You’ll thank me later.

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