Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Five Antagonist of Films that you Can’t Help but Love.

This is a list of the top five antagonist in films made form the 90s to the present that you can’t help but love. The meaning behind that is that these antagonist are not your run of the mill bad guy. These antagonist are different, whether it be just great writing on part of the writer that makes this villain a step above the rest or the actor who plays this antagonist or both. These five antagonist are just simply known for equal or in some aspect more likeable than their protagonist counter parts. Lets start the show.

No. 5- The Joker, The Dark Knight

This one is a simple no brainier. Heath Ledger role as the Joker introduced audiences to a new type of villain that was much more entertaining then his protagonist counter part, Batman played by Christian Bale. The Joker brought a perfect mixture of controlled chaos to the antagonist scene. With great writing, including beautiful monologues, funny dialogs, and with everything he said strengthening his ability to be the counter symbol to the batman, great costume, and of course great acting. The Joker has become the bar stander for in control, out of their mind super villains for the future films to come.

No. 4- Agent Smith, The Matrix

For number four no one fits better than Agent Smith from The Matrix. One of Hugo Weaving's most rememberable roles, Agent Smith draws audience members in with just about everyway that you can draw an audience in. His monologues towards the end both showing feelings towards both of the worlds but also showing insight on a computer who hates humans, but it shows true human emotions, such as hate and anger. The cool factor is off the charts with Agent Smith, his word use and style were both new and just added nothing but awesomeness to the film. The character was so awesome that they could not let him stay dead. Now that’s when you know your pretty popular.

No.3- Bill the Butcher, Gangs of New York

Coming in at number three is Bill the Butcher from Gangs of New York. The Butcher, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, is an antagonist who has little to no redeeming qualities but is loved by the audience. In the great American epic that is Gangs of New York Bill the Butcher is Satan or at least that is who he represents. The character also represents the dark side of American values in the past and still today. His sense of entitlement, his hate of change and everything un-American, and his use of fear to get his way are all aspects of a pretty evil person, which is what he is. But there is something about the way in which Daniel Day-Lewis plays him brings this sort of respect to Bill that I don’t think any other actor could of pulled off. You hate Bill the Butcher because you are suppose to hate him and because he is clearly not a cool dude but there is just something about this character that you can’t help but like.

No.2 - Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Runner up to the number one spot is one of the greatest characters of all time, protagonist or antagonist, Tyler Durden from Fight Club. This god like character grabs the audience from the very beginning and never lets go. Tyler Durden is a rare antagonist where by the end of the film you know that he is the bad guy and looking back he was really a cult leader but when the character preaches to the member of fight club or to Jack you feel like he is preaching to you the audience member. That this character feels sorry for you, that this character feels that you need to better your life in someway. You want to do right by Tyler. This is clearly one of Brad Pitts greatest roles.

No.1- Det. Alonzo Harris, Training Day

The number one antagonist of films that you can’t help but love is Det. Alonzo Harris from Training Day. Denzel Washington has a great way of making any character that he plays both awesome as hell and the only reason that you go and see that motion picture. Training Day is the greatest example of this. Alonzo Harris is the perfect antagonist in that you don’t really know that he is the bad guy until the end of the film. And its funny because by the end you feel that you should have been able to see it coming. The whole film Alonzo is doing some pretty illegal stuff but you don’t it see that way. Alonzo comes off as the above the law figure that knows what he talking about and that you have no reason to question any of his tactics, even though you are in the audience. Alonzo Harris is truly an antagonist that you can’t help but love.

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