Thursday, April 28, 2011

HTTProject Update: April

As the month of May draws near, it's time for our second HTTProjects Update. Even with all of us in school, this was still a really exciting and really productive month as we worked hard at planning things for the ever nearing summer. Before I get into that, though, I want to give a few updates on this blog, which serves as a... say, scholarly arm of HTTProductions. This blog will be our twentieth, all of which I am very proud to be connected with. We've gone from one post a week to two posts and now three, and Hunter, David, and I are going strong with tons of ideas to keep things going and a lot of plans for future guests.

Starting this summer, we will also be taking time out of our regular editorials to run reviews of the major blockbusters we see (of which this summer is packed). Things start strong with Thor on May 6th, so stay tuned for our HTTPreview. From X-Men to Green Lantern to Transformers and the final Harry Potter film, there's a lot to look forward to in these next few months, and we'll be covering as much of it as we can! Going off of reviews, we are also going to start posting more regularly to discuss news within the industry (no name for these, just news - there are only so many p-words). Unlike our opinion articles, there won't be a schedule here. It'll just be anytime something catches our eye that we want our readers to know about and hopefully talk about. Castings in The Dark Knight Rises, how excited we are about the sixth season of Dexter, and on and on. Everyone involved with HTTP loves the industry and could talk about it for days on end. We'll try to be economical with our posts, though.

Moving away from writing onto our video productions (which is what all this is about after all), we are hard at work at not just The Death Of but our other projects as well. We also have a shortlist of ideas for short films that are being brainstormed and drafted. We'll also be shooting a lot of random stuff over the summer, from commercials to just weird sequences. As completed, they will all be posted on YouTube and here for everyone to see. I'm very excited about it all. Where it concerns our mammoth project, The Death Of, our team of writers have finalized their topics and script specs and are currently hard at work on initial rough drafts, to be completed in May, just in time for our next projects update! We are also in early talks about casting, locations and scheduling (since everyone keeps busy and, unfortunately, HTTP is a no-pay side gig for now).

Simply put, there is a lot going on. HTTProductions is discussed on a daily basis, and all I can say is that summer break cannot get here soon enough so we can get things rolling. Obviously, we don't want to spoil everything, but we will be posting random stuff we shoot as well as short vlogs of production, both to keep everyone up to date plus just because it's awesome. Until then, make sure to keep checking back for daily doses of opinion, news, reviews, and so much more! And don't forget to "like" us on Facebook!

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