Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HTTProjects Update!

HTTProductions was not created so a group of college students could just blog about film topics, as interesting and enjoyable as that is. We do not spend our time just writing blogs. We are also actively planning and brainstorming for projects to work on from short films to music videos, and occasionally will provide updates to those projects for everyone to keep up with (with the eventual posting of the results). We set for ourselves in March goals of what we hope to accomplish during our four month summer of May through August (all of us are college students, so things get shaky after that).
Our goals are:

-The Death Of. Anthology
-A second long piece (long piece = 15+ minutes) - possibly documentary of an undecided topic (suggest away!)
-Two short pieces
-Two music videos (hopefully one of original work)
-A series of random sequence tests (we'll shoot a random comedy scene, action, just to try out different genres and get into the rhythm)

Some of these goals are aiming high, perhaps, but then a few years back the Internet invented this thing called multitasking, so I'm personally confident in HTTP being able to head off to school in August with an impressive resumé of videos under our digital belts. Even with these goals, though, there's always one big project that takes up the most time in planning and production. For us, that is The Death Of.

The Death Of. is a series of separate but interconnected short films based off the titular prompt. Each of us in the project team (Hunter, Hunter, Tyler, David, Sam, Amber, Ashley, Brian!) is given 5-12 minutes to finish the sentence and produce a philosophical piece that we will write and direct, with the assistance of others. We've been planning just shy of two months but already have everyone signed on and working on their drafts, as school permits. This is a major project. Right now we have six to eight shorts planned, and it will carry us through mid-July. Our team is putting together scripts due mid-May, and by the end of that month we will be primed to start location scouting, casting, rehearsal with production set for mid-June.

It's a major endeavor, but one we're all confident and motivated about because once completed it'll be a really awesome thing not only as a finished film but also one of substantial length. We're constantly coming up with ideas and throwing them around and brainstorming, and the stories are always being developed further, so it'll be interesting to see how it all takes shape on the screen. And this isn't the only thing we're working on. From production artwork to a possible original music video along with any other shorts we think up, it's going to be a very busy and very awesome summer.

For now, we'll probably post an update like this around once a month, but as production ramps up we'll be on set capturing it all and will make sure to keep our readers reading with production logs and set updates. Until then, I can only say we have a ton of ideas and all the motivation to move forward, and I can't wait to take you all along with us!

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